Horizontal Blinds




Horizontal Blinds

Made of aluminum or textured vinyl, Horizontal blinds (also known as mini blinds) are as versatile as they are functional. Horizontal blinds complement modern and traditional styles, fit any homeowner’s budget, and stand the test of time.

With benefits to make life easier and more comfortable, these hard-working window treatments have a lot to offer:​​

  • Flexible light control. Open these blinds for full sunlight or close them for a little privacy.

  • Easy to clean. With a quick swipe of your duster, these blinds are spotless in seconds. 

  • Budget friendly. Horizontal blinds are the best way to get classic charm on a dime.   ​

Choose from two durable materials:

  • Aluminum horizontal blinds. A classic window treatment available in ½”, 1″, and 2″ slats, aluminum horizontal blinds are a great choice for privacy, light control, durability, and ease of operation. 

  • Vinyl horizontal blinds. Offering the same great benefits as aluminum horizontal blinds, 2″ vinyl horizontal blinds also offer an assortment of up-to-date colors, textures, and patterns.  

Have a uniquely shaped window that needs covering? No problem! Custom horizontal blinds can be cut to fit windows of most shapes and sizes, including circles, triangles, arches, and more. And don’t forget that accessories are the best way to make your horizontal blinds stand out—cloth tape adds flair and an additional layer of privacy to 2″ slats, while a valance is a great way to cap off a sophisticated style.