Plantation Shutters




Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters were originally designed as an external window covering for hot climates. They are now used internally,  because they offer versatility in light, ventilation, and privacy, simply not possible with curtains or blinds.

Interior shutters  with adjustable louvers can be designed in many different styles and come in a large range of louver sizes and colors.


Shutters come in a variety of  materials  to suit a range of budgets and different situations around the home.​

We have different timber shutter ranges, each with its own benefits and options tailored to suit individual requirements and taste.

Carolina shutter range is made from very robust and high quality, hardwood, with an engineered core to prevent any possibility of warping. Carolina shutters are well suited to areas where extra durability is required either around the home or for commercial premises. This range can be made to your special requirements with different thickness stiles and rails or even louvers. 

​The Phoenix Shutter is made in a very light, grainy timber offering a superb character look, stained and paint finished. It’s is ideal on very wide openings where tracking is not desired. It is also used for conservatory roof shutters. It is also our most eco timber as its grown to full height in only 8 years and harvested like wheat. It is grown to make shutters thereby locking up carbon better than the Kyoto treaty does.