Vertical Blinds




Vertical Blinds

Long-lasting, easy-gliding, and boasting a variety of styles,  Vertical Blinds make the tried-and-true feel brand new. Our spin on this home décor staple combines reliable light control with affordable durability, so your wide windows and patio doors get the best combination of functionality and fashion:

  • Easy functionality. Designed to glide open with ease, vertical blinds instantly and effortlessly change the atmosphere of a room. 

  • Flexible style. Different stack options can change the way your blinds look while open, while specialty shape options make vertical blinds an attractive option for curved, angled, and even partially obstructed windows. 

Match your material to your style sensibility for truly custom vertical blinds—choose between fabric vanes, vinyl vanes, or vinyl vanes layered with easy-to-wash sheer fabric.

  • Fabric. For a softer look. Fabrics range from sheer to room darkening, and come in a variety of weaves and materials.​

  • Vinyl. Opt for a traditional look by choosing vinyl vanes that have a smooth surface and a standard crown shape, or upgrade to embossed vanes that mimic the texture of fabric, wood, or stucco in a subtle, drapery-like wave. 

  • Sheer-covered vinyl. With flowing sheer material layered over room-darkening vinyl vanes, this style offers the best combination of comfort and light control.  ​

Vertical blinds make an excellent complement to mini blinds for a total room solution that’s both stylish and affordable—many of the fabric vertical blinds coordinate with  Pleated Shades, Roller Shades, and Sliding Panels, while many vinyl vertical blinds coordinate with  2″ Vinyl Horizontal Blinds.